Music plays an enormous part in my work. For me, music is always where the movement begins, be it in ballet class or in a process of creation. Music engages our imagination, stimulates our desire to share and connect and inspires us to express ourselves through movement. My choreography comes directly from my life – I interpret my journey into movement.

Since childhood, I have used dance to express myself and to connect with those around me. In my work, I strive to reveal the human soul through the movements I create. When a thought or a feeling demands my attention, I start looking for a piece of music that best echoes my emotional state. I establish a vocabulary through which the dancers can add their experiences and invite the audience to share in our common bond.

My experience as a teacher, professional ballet dancer, choreographer, and also a Master’s Degree holder in Organizational Communication is constantly helping me to expand my knowledge and to pass it along to my students.